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Bavaria Launch Eco-friendly Fridges At Colombian Carnival


Beverage company Bavaria officially launched its new Fogel HFC gas-free ecological fridges at the Barranquilla Carnival, which took place in Colombia earlier this month.

The Colombian subsidiary of SABMiller plc replaced 11,000 fridges throughout the country in 2009 with new energy-efficient models.

This year, it is gradually installing even more of these fridges, which do not have a negative effect on the ozone layer.

The company said that it could take around seven years until all fridges in the country are swapped with environmentally-friendly versions.

According to Bavaria, a regular fridge uses an average of 264 watts per hour, whereas the new fridges it is using consume less than a regular 100W home light bulb does.

Bavaria produces a number of brands, including Club Colombia, Redd’s, Aguila and Pilsen.

During the celebrations of the carnival, Bavaria’s Aguila beer paid tribute to Wilson Choperena Lopez, a traditional Colombian folk musician whose music is played every year during the carnival festivities.

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Tuesday, January 23, 5:57 pm

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