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Beer To Be Served In Non-Shatter Glasses


A non-shatter pint glass is being tested in the UK to potentially reduce the number of glass attacks in the nation’s pubs.

The special glass has been designed not to shatter into loose and dangerous shards and has been developed under the Home Office and Design Council’s Design out Crime programme.

According to the Home Office, there are 87,000 violent incidents involving glass each year in the UK which costs the NHS an estimated £2.7 billion.

Home secretary Alan Johnson said that he hopes the new designs will bring an end to glass attacks.

“While this is never going to be the only answer to preventing such violence, it is an important step forward which could also provide retailers and drinkers with a preferable alternative to plastic glasses,” he added.

Plastic glasses are currently used in a number of UK pubs but are not favoured by the public.

In December, Naya Spring Water announced that it had begun to use 100 per cent recycled plastic, or rPET, in its bottles.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:50 pm

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