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Carlsberg Launches glassware promotion


Carlsberg stockists can get a free case of branded glasses for every one they order next month, as part of a company campaign promoting the importance of branded glassware.

The brand is also launching branded half pint glasses into the on trade after demand from licensees.

Carlsberg UK found that serving beer in branded glassware led to a 14% increase in beer sales and a potential increase in profit margins – 37% of drinkers said they would pay more for a pint in a branded glass.

“We want our customers to give drinkers the best pint of Carlsberg possible,” said director of brands Paul Davies.

“And our research has demonstrated that consumers see branded glassware as part and parcel of a great drinking experience in the pub – and they will spend more in your pub as a result.”

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Saturday, January 20, 4:53 pm

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