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Czech Hockey Captain Could Work Shift At Radegast Brewery


A Czech hockey player and a brewery representative have made a wager that could see the sportsman working a shift at a brewery.

Richard Brancik is captain of the Olomouc hockey team and he has made an agreement with Petr Kouble, a representative for Czech beer Radegast, that if the hockey team does not make it to the final playoffs of the Czech first league, the captain will work a shift at the Radegast brewery.

If Petr Kouble loses, on the other hand, he has said he will clean the hockey team’s locker room and will take care of the players’ needs during one of their games.

“I am sure that my teammates would love to see me work hard at the brewery,” said Mr Brancik.

He went on to say he hopes that, if he loses the bet, he will be given something interesting to do at the brewery: “Maybe I would be good as a taster, I certainly know good beer.”

SAB Miller owns the Radegast brand and it claims that Radegast Birell, a 0.49 per cent ABV beer, is the most popular low-alcohol choice in the Czech Republic.

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Monday, January 22, 5:48 am

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