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Dairy Drinks To Top Beer over Super Bowl weekend


Americans will consume more dairy drinks than beer and other alcoholic beverages over the up-and-coming Super Bowl weekend.

Many would presume that Americans will consume a high amount of unhealthy drinks and snacks this weekend during the American football showdown, but this will not be the case, according to the New York Daily News.

“On Sunday, there will be more glasses of milk consumed in our homes during the Super Bowl telecast than any other beverage except soft drinks,” the newspaper reported Harry Balzer, vice-president at NDP Group, as saying in a statement.

NDP Group, which tracks American’s eating habits, said there will be increases in pizza and beer sales, but that vegetables will be the number one food group to be consumed on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola announced that American Football fans can catch a glimpse of its two new adverts that are to be broadcast during the Super Bowl.

People simply have to log on to social networking site Facebook and send virtual Coca-Cola gifts to their friends and family.

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Monday, January 22, 6:15 pm

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