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Molson Coors ‘Committed’ To Alcohol Labelling


Molson Coors has urged other alcohol producers to up their game and make sure labelling is up to scratch.

The Government launched a new consultation today on whether there should be mandatory requirement on labelling after an independent report said only 15% of packaging was fully compliant .

Under the voluntary agreement, forged by the Government in 2007, the industry agreed to putting five key pieces of information on labels – unit information, pregnancy advice, a message about responsible drinking, a logo and link for Drinkaware and the NHS recommended limits.

Carling brewer Molson Coors said it was still committed to its 2007 promise and urged others to stick to it. “We want our product to be enjoyed, not abused,” said chief executive Mark Hunter.

“That is why we are firmly committed to working in partnership with Governments, NGOs and others to effectively address alcohol harm and to relabelling all of our brands and packs with the five health labels recommended by the Department of Health.

“We welcome the Government’s consultation document to increase education about a healthy approach to drinking.

“We firmly believe that to increase consumer awareness, the entire industry should have consistent labelling – these labels would be a great step to increased education about responsible drinking. We urge all of our industry colleagues to agree to this co-regulatory scheme for labelling on all alcohol products.”

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Sunday, December 17, 5:32 pm

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