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PepsiCo Gatorade Plant in Oklahoma to Close


PepsiCo is planning to close a plant in Pryor, Oklahoma, which mainly manufactures Gatorade.

Blaming the unfavourable economic environment, the company may shut down the plant in about three months time. About 100 employees would be affected by the closure.

Company spokesman, Pat Burke, told reporters: “Unfortunately, in the end, based on the economic conditions, we determined we could not keep the plant open.

We are grateful to the Pryor community, the State of Oklahoma and our associates for their support.  This is no reflection of the performance of our associates or the hard work of our community and state partners.

Any time we have to make tough decisions that affect our people, we try to do it with considerable thought and in the most supportive way possible. We are providing extra assistance to try to ease this difficult transition. All employees will receive three months and one week of full pay and benefits and other assistance, including outplacement services and counseling for them and their families.

We are committed to maintaining the Pryor facility as an attractive manufacturing site, so a new employer can move in. We will manage the grounds and equipment for as long as it takes to find a new tenant, and potential employer, to occupy the facility. Additionally, we will meet our 2010 charitable commitments in full, including a United Way commitment of almost $40,000″.

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Monday, January 22, 5:56 am

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