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Facebook Campaign Brings Back Dry Blackthorn


Gaymer Cider Company will bring Dry Blackthorn cider back to fans in the South West following a Facebook campaign to bring back the original recipe.

Blackthorn was relaunched nationally a year ago with a new look and taste, and, according to the producer, the relaunch has been successful with sales increases of 4%. However, Dry Blackthorn fans across Bristol and the South West have been campaigning passionately for a return to the original recipe.

In response the producer will now make the original draught Dry Blackthorn recipe available again, having first broken the news to the Facebook campaigners in a private meeting in Bristol.

Dry Blackthorn will sit alongside the regular Blackthorn liquid.

“We underestimated the passion people in the South West have for Dry Blackthorn and have been bowled over by their determination to get their favourite cider back,” said md Peter Spencer.

“Before we changed the recipe 12 months ago we conducted extensive customer research, both locally and nationally, and many cider drinkers told us they liked the new, more contemporary taste. This has been followed up by increased Blackthorn sales nationally as new consumers are won over by the mellower taste.

“However, once it was launched it became clear that some cider drinkers in the South West wanted the original Dry Blackthorn. We have listened to these supporters and it’s their successful campaigning which has brought Dry Blackthorn back.”

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Sunday, December 17, 5:35 pm

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