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Hop Valley Brewing Company Bottles 3 New Beers


A number of beers are being bottled for the first time by the Hop Valley Brewing Company in Springfield, Oregon, it has been revealed, which could interest those looking at packaging research.

This follows the launch of its ales at a pub in the nearby area and the transition will enable home consumers to enjoy its beverages, the Register Guard has reported.

Jonas Kungys, one of the firm’s owner-partners, stated that the company is new and is simply reacting to demand for its Elias Briggs Cream Ale, Alphadelic IPA and Natty Red Imperial Red Ale.

He said: “It just makes sense. We’re doing a great job in the marketplace. People are asking for our bottles left and right, so we’re just catering to what people are asking for.”

Mr Kungys suggested that, by bottling the beers, it will allow those who do not tend to go to bars or restaurants to enjoy the beverages, which could influence those looking for packaging research.

The company is headed up by Trevor Howard, who has received a total of 41 beer brewing awards from seven international competitions since 2004.

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Wednesday, January 24, 1:29 am

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