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Bavaria Launches New Phase of Programme To Help Disadvantaged Children


Bavaria, a Colombian beverage company, has presented the second phase of its Bavaria Opportunities: Educational Support for Tenderos’ Children programme.

The scheme, which was launched in October 2009, provides children and grandchildren of vulnerable tenderos (which translates as shopkeepers) access to technical, technological and university careers.

It plans to help 500 children by the second half of 2010 and a following 3,000 over the next three years.

Fernando Jaramillo, vice-president of corporate affairs at Bavaria, said: “At Bavaria, we are committed to the development and improvement of life quality of the families of our tenderos as, in addition to them being our clients, they are our most important friends.”

He went on to say that these people play a key role in the country’s economy and express qualities of leadership and self-improvement.

Last month, Bavaria introduced, in Bogota, its first institutional advertising campaign for over seven years, focusing on the concept of friendship.

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Saturday, January 20, 9:02 am

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