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Beer cheer for Hung Parliament


The public may be undecided about which party to elect but a Derbyshire brewery has come up with a surefire vote-winner.

Hung Parliament ale has been produced by Howard Town and features a picture of the Houses of Parliament and three nooses on the label and pump clip.

“This is a labour of love, liberally hopped and with a conservative fruitiness,” said brewery boss Tony Hulme, whose Wren’s Nest bitter picked up the Champion Ale award in Society of Independent Brewers Awards.

“And at a quaffable 4.4% it won’t leave you befuddled about the manifesto issues come polling day on Thursday 6 May.

He added: “The three parties may be divided over lots of issues, but I’m sure Brown, Cameron and Clegg would agree that this is a super beer the kind that’s made this country great.”

But Hulme doesn’t believe the beer will convert lager drinkers. “No matter what we do, we’re not going to win the hearts and minds of lager lovers, whatever their political persuasion.

“But who cares? They can go to Brussels for that and toast the European Parliament, as if.”

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Friday, December 15, 4:27 am

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