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California: Maintenance Administrator


The Maintenance Administrator will locate and purchase goods, supplies, and services for the Maintenance Department. Will also receive and store all supplies in an organized manner and keep accurate inventories on the maintenance software database. Will use the maintenance software to receive requests for work, maintain work history, and keep accurate inventories of critical supplies on all equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Locates, purchases and issues purchase orders for a variety of maintenance related items including supplies, equipment, materials and services, complying with the company Purchase to Pay policy.
• Receives, stores and issues all critical parts and consumables in a manner that allows for efficient work flow and accurate tracking throughout the Maintenance Department.

  • Operates forklift as required in performance of job duties.

• Works with the Facilities Manager to determine best use of the maintenance software program to maximize efficiencies and meet the needs of the department.
• Works closely with the Maintenance Supervisor to review work requests, identify solutions, and recommend the appropriate maintenance personnel/resources.
• Performs data entry including asset identification, warranty information, and other relevant information into the maintenance software system in an accurate and timely manner.
• Maintains the MSDS catalog to assure compliance with state and federal regulations for all materials stored in the maintenance shop and within the Maintenance Department’s area of responsibility.
• Maintains a clean and orderly storeroom and sets up systems for maintenance workers and other designated employees to acquire materials or parts.
• Works with the Facilities Manager to create written procedures for all maintenance tasks
• Ensures safe work practices and adheres to all safety policies and procedures, including but not limited to, timely and accurate reporting of all work-related injuries and illnesses to the supervisor, promoting safety awareness to co-workers, advising the supervisor of any unsafe acts and conditions and wearing required personal protective equipment.

  • Promotes quality work and a team atmosphere.

• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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