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California: Region Manager


The Boston Beer Company Region Manager is responsible to drive The Boston Beer Company sales volume through their BBC and distributor teams to their market’s respective account base in accordance with direction from their Division Manager.

Ingredients to a Successful Region Manager:

· Execute systems management to ensure business growth through displays, distribution, draft, merchandising, and sales skills development at all levels of the distribution process.

· Identify market trends and interpret how those trends will affect marketplace. Lead employees to identify distributors that are not penetrating BBC products and develop a plan to gain share of mind.

·Provide objectives and tactics for accounts and distributors.

·Establish priorities for the region. Allocate resources, crystallize national priorities, and promote sharing of best practices.

· Establish region’s market standards for merchandising

·Establish rapport and work with mangers, owners, and business leaders at the wholesaler.

· Provide an understanding and interpretation of the market trends, competition, and company background to employees, business leaders, and all that you interact with.

· Determine budget allocations for the entire region

· Provide superior service and support to key management at distributors and accounts.

·Oversee and manage the 3 way partnerships programs within the region with relationship to budget and overall objectives.

· Conduct planning and review meetings with distributors.

· Determine goals and strategies for all personnel. Delegate goals and strategies to District Managers for execution.

·Provide training for employees by suggesting training programs to attend and through positive reinforcement of strengths and accomplishments.

·Manage all managers and distributors in regards to, personal, professional, and developmental growth.

·Familiarize yourself and employees with company policies and procedures, and set an example in following those policies and procedures.

· Conduct daily business in an autonomous fashion while maintaining a good “business sense” in regards to time constraints, financial guidelines, company ethics, and personnel.

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