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Captain of Olomouc Ice Hockey Team Works Shift at the Radegast Brewery


Richard Brancik, the captain of the Olomouc ice hockey team in the Czech Republic, has worked a shift at the Radegast Brewery, having lost a bet.

Before the big league play-offs started, Mr Brancik made a bet with Petr Kouble, a representative of the Radegast Brewery, on whether the Kohouti team would make it to the finals.

As the team lost, Brancik had to exchange his ice hockey equipment for utility gloves, and jersey for a reflective vest.

He joined the beer distribution and loading team and had the responsibility of preparing pallets of beer for customers.

“I was guessing I wouldn’t get a desk job with a comfortable chair. But I don’t mind physical work, so I was okay with it,” said Mr Brancik.

Back in February, when Mr Brancik agreed to the bet, he said he hoped that, if he lost it, he could be given something interesting to do at the brewery: “Maybe I would be good as a taster, I certainly know good beer.”

SAB Miller owns the Radegast brand and it claims that Radegast Birell, a 0.49 per cent ABV beer, is the most popular low-alcohol choice in the Czech Republic.

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Sunday, December 17, 3:58 pm

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