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Germany: German Beer Sales May Rise During Hot World Cup Summer


Good weather and the imminent World Cup 2010 will boost waning beer consumption in Germany, it has been claimed.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle, the Berlin German Brewers Coalition’s Marc-Oliver Huhnholz admitted that the German hardcore of beer drinkers is getting older and fewer in number.

However, he suggested that despite changes to demographics and preferences, the diversity of products plus a good summer could boost sales.

Mr Huhnholz told the publication: “Good weather has a bigger effect than the World Cup. But if both happen at the same time, then we’ll definitely profit this summer.”

Recently, beer experts have been encouraging drinkers to see beer in a different light, in particular highlighting the foods for which it may be a more appropriate accompaniment than wine.

Speaking to Men’s Fitness earlier this month, beer sommelier Matt Simpson indicated that beer is a great complement for cheese tasting, because the carbonation and lighter acidity “lift the fats in the cheese off the palate”.

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Friday, December 15, 4:36 am

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