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Luxardo Sambuca Shakes Shots


Luxardo sambuca has launched a bartender competition in an attempt to further move the drink away from shots.

The Luxardo Challenge is a 20 city campaign that will run from April to November, with a £20,000 prize fund.

According to UK distributor Cellar Trends, the quest will identify and reward outlet winners that “show progress in creating dynamic and exciting environments – moving with the times as stricter responsible drinking standards take effect.”

Bartenders with less than three years experience at a high level of cocktail making are eligible. Entrants will present locally to the public and a roadshow of judges, as the competition tours the UK. Regional and national prizes will be awarded the titles of The Luxardo Challenge Pub of the Year and The Luxardo Challenge Bar of the Year and winning outlets will win a trophy. Individual bartenders in each sector will be awarded the title of Luxardo Challenge Bartender Winner, before the grand final mix-off.

The brand has outlined core objectives to ensure responsible drinking. They include not attracting customers with price only, but with premium serves and memorable occasions.

A statement from Cellar Trends said: “The Cellar Trends and Luxardo investment in the initiative is timely. In replacing ubiquitous shots typical of the ’90s tequila scene, the new generation of Luxardo drinks has transformed sambuca into a mainstream choice.”

Catherine Rigby, marketing manager for Luxardo at Cellar Trends said: “Low price drinks, often featuring lower quality products, can affect consumer drinking patterns adversely, especially on busy nights. The Luxardo Challenge campaigns for outlets to review their serving strategies, and rewards those which succeed in getting their big night right.”

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Saturday, January 20, 4:52 pm

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