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PepsiCo Launches Successful Refresh Project in Canada


PepsiCo has launched its Refresh Project in Canada, giving the country’s residents the chance to improve their local communities.

Fans of the soft drinks giant’s brands are being invited to put forwards their ideas of how they can enhance or develop where they live, with the most popular being given a grant to complete the proposed project.

Over the following year, more than $1 million (£644,505) will be given out in grants.

The project has proved very successful so far in the US, with 33 ideas having being funded.

In February, Teach for America was awarded $250,000 (£163,838) for their idea to provide excellent teachers for all children in the US.

Using the funding, the association plans to recruit and train 4,500 new teachers to work in low-income communities.

It will also use the cash to “maximise the impact of 7,300 existing teachers on student achievement” and expand its services to three new urban or rural low-income communities.

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Friday, November 24, 2:29 pm

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