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Radegast Brewery To Open Doors To Public This Weekend


Members of the public will be able to have a first-hand view of the brewing process this weekend as the Radegast brewery in the Czech Republic? is opening its doors.

This Saturday (May 1st) will be the brewery’s thirteenth Open Door Day and it is to take place from 08:00 to 16:00 local time.

Fans of the popular Moravian beer will be taken on a free-of-charge tour through the entire process of beer making and, at the end, they will have a chance to sample the brew in the lookout restaurant above the brewery.

“Radegast is one of few breweries in Europe which allows its visitors to see the real process of how the beer is made,” said Ivo Kanak, manager of the Radegast brewery.

Earlier this month, Richard Brancik, the captain of the Olomouc ice hockey team in the Czech Republic, worked a shift at the Radegast Brewery, having lost a bet with Petr Kouble, a representative of the brand.

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Saturday, January 20, 8:56 am

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