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Real Ale Grows In Popularity Among Female Drinkers


Over a third (37 per cent) of females who drink alcohol have tried real ale, which is more than double the amount that had tried the drink in June 2008 (16 per cent).

This is according to the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), which, as part of National Cask Ale Week 2010, is today (Thursday, April 1st) celebrating National FemAle Day.

The aim of this special day is to encourage even more women to give real ale a try.

Louise Ashworth, head of marketing at Camra, said that real ale “is in vogue”.

“I think this huge increase in women trying real ale is down to the whole industry pulling together and becoming more proactive,” she added.

Earlier this week, Erika Hardy, marketing manager at the brewer Everards, labelled National Cask Ale Week a “fantastic idea”, saying that it would help to create a more positive view of cask ale among pub-goers nationwide.

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Sunday, December 17, 4:27 am

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