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Tuborg Launches Summer of Music with “Urban Blitz”


Tuborg is to launch a £2m “Urban Blitz” across the UK on-trade as a prelude to the upcoming festival season.

The “Urban Blitz” takes place in nine major towns and cities for four weeks between April 26 and May 23.

Using a mix of outdoor advertising and experiential marketing, and playing on Tuborg’s close association with live music, it will look to drive sales of the Carlsberg UK brand in existing outlets as well as driving distribution in the free-trade.

The campaign will encourage drinkers to visit Tuborg stockists in the selected town and city centres offering money off vouchers and chances to win tickets to major festivals and gigs this summer.

Carlsberg UK director of customer marketing David Scott said: “The Tuborg “Urban Blitz” is the start of an incredibly exciting period of activity this summer for the brand and for live music lovers, as we build up to the Festival season.

“For one month only each town and city will become Tuborg-central as advertising sites will become a call to action for music fans to go out to pubs and bars and enjoy a great, fun night out with Tuborg.”

The outdoor campaign will consist of advertising on outdoor posters as well as phone box and bus adverts, all of which will be bespoke to each town or city – for example a poster ad will feature Tuborg as the centre of a gig scene screaming out: “Hello Leeds!”

The experiential campaign will consist of special Tuborg Tuk-Tuks visiting each of the nine towns/cities for one night only during the Urban Blitz. The five vehicles will ferry people between participating bars and pubs with drivers handing out £1 off vouchers to passengers (except in Edinburgh).

The nine towns and cities being visited by the Tuborg “Urban Blitz” are: Leeds, Bristol, Reading, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Sheffield and Cardiff.

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Tuesday, January 23, 7:57 pm

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