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UK: Senior Warehouse Operators


This role is based within SSS-North Warehousing operating through 2 core sites (Auchroisk & Glenlossie) to provide a service to all warehouses within SSS-North, SSS-South & SAS blending sites.As all warehousing activity within SSS-North is supported through the 2 core sites, there is a requirement to be flexible across warehousing activities and to be mobile between sites.On occasion, operators are required to work alone, therefore, this role requires decisions to be made and work planned using own initiative.Due to the nature of the role, operators may come into contact with members of the public, and therefore should promote a positive company image at all times.Statutory and Diageo regulations and management systems must be understood and complied with.Support incident management teams.

  • Responsible for the safe movement of spirit within an established process procedure that encompasses cask filling, transport, warehouse, cask intake and removal, disgorging and empty cask handling.
  • To support a range of activities on sites to ensure warehousing targets are met relating to quality, service and cost.
  • To take appropriate action that ensures full compliance with all warehousing H&S, R&C and environmental constraints.
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    Friday, January 19, 3:43 pm

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