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Cameroon: WACA Accountant


This role supports the Financial Accounting Officer to assure accurate and complete WACA branch accounting in compliance with CARM controls, Group IFRS, OHADA and Tax laws bra


The WACA Accountant, will be responsible for:

●        Identifying and allocating WACA shared expenses.

●        Allocating, and recharging WACA management fees to respective brand owners

●        Managing, reconciling and reporting all WACA inter – company transactions and branch transactions with Guinness H/Q

●        Ensuring that Deloitte local offices have all relevant back up accounting documents timely for complete cut off.

●        Calculating royalties due to respective brand owners from each of the WACA 3rd party licensed brewers based on volumes/NSV

●        Issuing a royalty invoice, on behalf of the brand owners to the WACA 3rd party licensed brewers.

●        Preparing and booking accruals and provisions and ensuring accurate and complete month -end cut off

●        Complying with CARM accounting controls in WACA and furnishing evidences for control check lists and audits

●        Ensuring that Deloitte maintains proper accounting and records for WACA fixed assets

●        Integrating WACA accounting into H/Q’s at single entity and consolidated level both for local and group reporting.

●        Managing GCSA relationship and SLA with Deloitte on the accounting side and ensuring that all deliverables are achieved.

●        Processing and ensuring that customers’ spends are approved and timely paid

●        Providing adequate accounting support to WACA sales teams and providing responses to all WACA accounting queries

●        Leading WACA accounting audits

●        Supporting Financial Accounting Officer

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