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Canada: Sales Analyst Manager

Diageo participates in 11 TBA categories, with 73 brands and over 200 SKU’s
· LCBs/Customers provide access to a massive amount of information i.e.
o Month depletions by competitor category, brand, SKU, Store, On Premise Licensee
o Customer inventories, store level, warehouse level, In transit
o 18 month programming by competitor
o large number of reports on “Point of Purchase” shopper behavior
· Diageo has a “state of the art” data mining tool (COGNOS) to analyze depletions information
· Diageo has an additional tool to track “in store” Sales drivers execution quality (SAMS)
· Forecast variance range is dependent on a complex algorithm that includes Initial and ending inventories, Days of supply policies, depletions trend, scheduled shipments, competitor’s programming

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Saturday, January 20, 4:58 pm

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