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Coca-Cola Company Launches New World Cup Promotion


A new global promotion has been launched by the Coca-Cola Company in order to tie in with the forthcoming Fifa World Cup.

Ahead of the South African tournament, which is due to start next month, the organisation is to offer a number of prizes through the Longest Celebration competition.

As part of the campaign, football fans will be given the chance to upload their own personal goal celebrations in order to create a non-stop loop of clips which will appear online.

The global nature of the new competition has been noted by the Coca-Cola Company’s worldwide sports and entertainment marketing group director Emmanuel Seuge.

He stated: “The Longest Celebration is the most ambitious attempt to connect fans across all continents together online to celebrate the vibrancy and rhythm of Africa and the Fifa World Cup.”

The firm also unveiled its World Cup-themed History of Celebration advert last month.

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Saturday, November 25, 7:55 am

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