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Coca Cola Rolls Out New Drinks Machines

Coca Cola is putting its product development in the hands of consumers with a new freestyle soda machine.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the machines allow users to create up to 104 different drinks, which will be sold at a slightly inflated price.

Machines have so far been distributed to 53 different outlets, however around 500 more are expected to be installed in California, Dallas, Atlanta and Salt Lake City in the coming months.

Some stores have already reported an increase in sales following the installation of the machines.

Gene M Farrell, the vice president in charge of Freestyle, said that Coca Cola is looking to entice more people into purchasing soft drinks while they’re eating out.

He told the news provider: “If you think about ways to reinvigorate your brands and re-engage consumers, what better place is there?”

The Coca Cola Company also recently launched its promotion for the football World Cup, which will allow fans of the sport to upload videos of themselves celebrating when their team scores.

Monday, January 22, 5:57 am

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