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Nestle SA CEO Condemns Soft Drinks Tax

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Nestle SA has come out against proposed tax increases on soft drinks in the US.

Paul Bulcke was speaking at a business conference in South Africa when he made the comments, the Dow Jones Newswire reports.

According to the news provider, experts argued in September of last year that a tax should be placed on sweetened soft drinks.

Mr Bulcke said: “Governments want to say sometimes ‘don’t think, I will think for you.’ They want to tax them to death so they don’t have a choice anymore.”

The CEO was answering a question about what companies can do to combat the price of obesity.

Soft drinks research published in the Health Affairs journal in April concluded that an increase in tax would be unlikely to reduce childhood obesity.

However, the researchers concluded that those most at risk from obesity are more likely to feel the effects of such taxes.

Monday, January 22, 6:12 am

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