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New Flavour added to Coca Cola’s Odwalla range

Global soft drink company Coca Cola has added to its line with a new flavour within the Odwalla range.

The new Protein Monster Strawberry flavour will be available in natural food stores, some supermarkets and health food shops in the US.

Flavours already available in the range of organic soymilk and milk protein drinks include chocolate and vanilla.

The Coca Cola Company said that the new strawberry flavour will include vitamins B6, B12, calcium and zinc.

Jason Dolenga, brand manager, of Odwalla, said: “By combining 25 grams of protein with creamy deliciousness in every bottle, new Strawberry Protein Monster continues the Odwalla tradition of mixing great nutrition and extraordinary flavour.”

Products within the Protein Monster range are packaged in recyclable bottles.

Odwalla has been producing smoothies and fruit juices for 25 years. The brand also works with community projects, including a tree planting programme in Californian state parks.

The Coca Cola Company also recently announced its promotional campaign for the World Cup, which will allow football fans to upload their own goal celebrations.

Friday, January 19, 3:43 pm

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