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Pepsi urges brands to ‘make a difference’

Beverage giant Pepsi is urging other soft drinks brands to influence people’s diets in a positive way.

The firm’s general manager of UK and Ireland Garrett Quigley told attendees at a soft drinks industry conference in London that the sector should lead the way in persuading customers to switch to low or no-sugar drinks, reports Marketing Week.

He added Pepsi will be reworking its own marketing to help achieve this, highlighting that the brand has not advertised its normal Pepsi drinks since 2006.

“Widespread media attention is on improving the diet of the population, and the pressure is on brands to reinforce this through their marketing and advertising efforts,” he said.

This week, rival soft drink firm Coca-Cola launched a new app which allows customers to trace their beverage option’s journey from the factory to the fridge and see how environmentally-friendly it is.

Sunday, December 17, 4:26 am

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