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Slovenian Beers To Arrive in UK pubs

England is ready to go into battle with Slovenia when the two countries’ football teams face each other on 23 June, but three Slovenian beers are hoping for a more welcome reception.

Three beers from the nation’s Lasko Brewery are heading over to UK shores — the beers will be imported into the UK by newly-formed business Lasko Beer UK.

Lasko Zlatarog is a 4.9% ABV crisp premium lager, while Lasko Club Export is a 4.9% ABV premium blond beer with a smooth, balanced flavour. The final beer is Lasko Dark, a 5.9% ABV classic dark premium lager.

“We believe the Lasko range stands out in terms of both quality and authenticity,” said director of Lasko Beer UK Charles Gardner.

Saturday, January 20, 12:37 pm

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