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UK: Tax Manager – Duties

  • To be an additional resource on Global Duties.
  • To assist Head of ITT in working with business finance functions to ensure that excise duty accounting and reporting requirements are fully met and that all cash flow efficiencies available are fully utilised;
  • To assist with and undertake excise duty compliance and efficiency reviews within DBSC and the various Diageo businesses;
  • To provide day to day liaison with HMRC duties team in the UK and to assist with all tax authority negotiations on excise duty compliance issues.
  • To attend meetings with UK/EU tax authorities and to assist with any related correspondence or queries;
  • To support Head of ITT on Customs Duty related issues, including valuation audits/disputes and evaluation/implementation of duty optimisation measures
  • To SAO and AEO implementation and compliance with all other IT based duties reporting requirements
  • Work within Group Tax to foster a team approach to problem solving and ensure that best practice is shared throughout the business.
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  • Monday, January 22, 6:12 am

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