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7UP Reformulation To Boost Volume

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is reformulating its 7UP soft drink in conjunction with a new advertising campaign, in a bid to increase sales and competitiveness.

Jim Trebilcock, chief marketing officer for the firm, told the Wall Street Journal that the “restaged” product will hit shelves in September and that new technology will be used to give it a “crisper” lemon and lime taste.

7UP is second behind the group’s flagship product Dr Pepper in terms of carbonated drinks sales, but Mr Trebilcock believes there is still room for improvement.

He told the newspaper: “We grew up 7UP last year. We wanted to see if we could accelerate it.”

The redesigned product could see it positioned to better compete with rival beverages such as Coca-Cola’s Sprite, which holds a 5.5 per cent market share, and PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew, which has 6.7 percent.

This comes after the recent news that Coca-Cola Great Britain, which owns the Dr Pepper brand in the UK, has launched a new multi-platform promotional campaign for the drink, including a bespoke Facebook app.

Sunday, December 17, 4:26 am

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