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California: Sales Manager

This position is designed to achieve maximum sales potential throughout a region of California (defined at least by the areas of Sacramento, Central Valley and Coast, San Jose, Monterey/Carmel, and San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys) by meeting or exceeding assigned sales goals within budgeted expenses. The successful sales manager will identify and respond to opportunities that build and enhance brand equity in the market in the long term, as well as maximize sales in the short term. This position must uphold the integrity of the company by following its guidelines and meeting its expectations, goals, and mission.

The responsibilities of the Central California Sales Manager are:
• Responsible for guiding direct accounts regarding offerings and strategically planned sales cycles for all releases.
• Maximize sales potential measured by sales within a defined region of California
• Maintain a long-term growth strategy with key wholesale contacts on a quarterly basis to include the following: Prepare a six-month strategy for participation in industry and special events.
• With California Brands Manager, establish annual sales plan by month and by item for each market.
• Increase market demand and acceptance through targeting and opening of new accounts, increasing sales to existing accounts, and shifting offers to existing accounts as the market demands.
• Partner with the Marketing Dept. to create and implement several DWC-specific trade tastings and launches in major markets.
• Be alert to market trends that may indicate DWC’s need to evaluate its current distribution network for improved sales and to better service customers in the market.
• Become an active member of the wine community through frequent and positive interaction with the rest of the industry; key wholesaler personnel, and key accounts.
• Provide detailed quarterly market analysis of DWC sales in a defined region of California.
• Recommend and implement decisions based on results of analysis that enhance the equity of the brand.
• Recommend and substantiate budgeting needs, sales tactics and strategies, appropriate size of account base, pricing, on/off mix, etc.
• Proficient with all mechanics of DWC allocations, shipping, computer software, and philosophy.
• Manage annual budget.

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