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Carling Joins Red Tractor scheme

Brewing giant Carling has revealed that its products will now carry the Red Tractor standard for quality farmed components.

The UK’s best-selling lager brand announced the certification for its barley at an annual cereals trade show in Cambridgeshire.

All of Carling’s multipack units will carry the Red Tractor logo forthwith, with an extension to individual cans planned for later in the year.

Matthew Read, chairman of the assurance scheme for crops and sugar beet, said that the group was “proud” to have a leading brand involved.

He added: “It shows the growing importance for big brands such as Carling to choose quality farm assured ingredients.”

Mr Read explained that the Red Tractor logo is designed to give consumers “complete confidence” about the certified brand’s “strict” standards of production.

Earlier this week, Irish MEP Nessa Childers called for new ‘traffic light’ labelling on beer products to ensure that manufacturers give consumers clear information about their drinks’ nutritional content.

Saturday, January 20, 4:53 pm

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