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Coors Light beer Brand To Be Launched in Russia

North American beer firm Molson Coors Brewing Company has revealed its plans to penetrate key overseas markets in a push to increase its global presence.

The brewer will launch one of its flagship brands, Coors Light, in Russia, the world’s fourth-largest beer market.

A spokesperson for the firm said that it would “focus” on developing a Russian strategy for the brand, though it has “no immediate plans” to move other products into the country.

In its quest to position Coors Light as a global brand, the company has already completed moves to China, Spain, Vietnam and Mexico.

Like many consumer goods, sales of beer have been hit hard, particularly in the US, by the recent economic downturn.

Last month, Molson Coors issued a report that noted a significant decline in worldwide sales volumes for the first quarter of 2010.

It said that the firm “continued to face challenging economic and beer industry condition

Monday, January 22, 5:56 am

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