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Jaques Cider To Launch Summer Campaign

Heineken UK will soon launch a new marketing campaign to further emphasise the ‘female appeal’ of its Jaques Cider with Fruit product range.

With its largest investment in the brand to date, the firm hopes to position the brand among young, stylish women.

Starting in July, the promotional programme incorporates digital and print elements, as well as sampling bars at a number of fashion and beauty events throughout the summer.

Brand manager for the drink Doug Cook claimed that the campaign would be the “most significant investment in the Jacques brand to date”, working with other female-centred brands to highlight its appeal to women.

He said: “We will be creating a live brand experience that will appeal to female consumers combined with some very exciting partnerships to help bring the brand to all aspects of our drinkers’ social lives.”

Rival drinks giant SABMiller recently announced that it too would be targeting female drinkers with the launch of a premium fruit beer product in Russia.

Saturday, January 20, 12:38 pm

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