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KC Max launches cider-caffeine mix

A cider with caffeine is being launched in the UK this month, to tap into the 40%

of cider drinkers who are also regular consumers of energy drinks.

KC Max has been created by UK distributor KC Brands and consists of a blend of 4.7% ABV Belgian cider made in the renowned Limburg region, and 12mg of caffeine per litre.

The cider is packaged in 275ml bottles and will retail through wholesalers for around £9.99 for a case of 12.

KC Brands CEO Mark Todd said the label had been run past the Portman Group already and had been given the thumbs-up.

“This product is aimed at the many consumers who drink both caffeine and cider, which we believe equates to a potential market worth £800m,” Todd said. “It is a contemporary product, which reflects modern drinking habits.”

In-store promotion, including branded PoS to create awareness of the new product, are in the pipeline, Todd added.

Earlier this year the company launched a caramel vodka called Garvey to tap into the growth in flavoured vodkas in the UK.

KC Brands also distributes the Tequila Rose range and Maxim, the French Champagne and spirit brand, which it launched in the autumn of 2009.

Friday, January 19, 3:46 pm

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