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Soft Drinks To Be Banned in Saudi Arabia’s hospitals

Health officials in Saudi Arabia have passed an outright ban on the sale of sugar-based soft drinks in its health clinics and hospitals.

The new rules were approved at the Health Services Council’s fourth meeting on Sunday June 27th and will start being enforced over the coming months.

Held at the council’s headquarters, the debate was attended by 40 top officials, who gathered to plan national health strategy.

Yacoub Al-Mazrou, the nation’s deputy minister of health, said: “While banning soft drinks we want to introduce fresh juices or dairy products as alternatives.”

He added that further advice would be sought from the Ministry of Education, which has already “successfully” imposed a similar ban in Saudi Arabia’s schools.

Meanwhile, new research from the UK’s Beer Academy, which aims to promote sensible alcohol consumption, has revealed that beer may be one of the healthiest intoxicating drinks available.

Saturday, November 25, 7:55 am

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