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USA: Regional Director

The Regional Director is responsible for delivering the Annual Operating Plan for the Division by directing and coordinating the activities and operations of Foster’s Distributor partner(s) and the Foster’s Market Sales Team.

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop an Annual Operating Plan that establishes the marching orders and key priorities for the Market and each of the different channels and customers.
• Stay on top of what financial and people resources are needed to drive the Plan forward.
• Persuade internal and external stakeholders that the Plan is the right one and influence to secure resources so that the Plan can be delivered on.
• Develop robust management processes that facilitate the monitoring and control of volume, revenue and profitability for the Market.
• Work closely with the Regional (Trade) Marketing team to develop appropriate Market programs.
• Invest Regional funds effectively and efficiently to get the best return on investment.
• Maintain an in-depth and thorough knowledge of marketplace and market conditions
• Direct sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly. Develops methods to track effectiveness of sales force activities.
• Use facts to identify market opportunities and then allocate the resources to capitalize on these opportunities.
• Diagnose business issues quickly and takes corrective action to minimize the impact.
• Take an active role in improving the sales forecasting of the Market.
• Command a deep understanding of developments in the business world – especially channels of distribution, consumers and consumption.

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Monday, January 22, 6:08 am

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