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MillerCoors Feeds Fish With Waste Water

The joint venture of US brewing companies SABMiller and Molson Coors has found an innovative use for one of its breweries’ waste water.

MillerCoors’ brewery in Ohio has teamed up with a company which produces animal feeds from renewable sources to run a full-scale trial.

The new product will use specialist technology to create a fish food ingredient to replace less sustainable ones currently used on fish farms nationwide.

Leo Kiely, chief executive of the joint venture, said: “We aim to ensure that we utilise our waste resources to the greatest extent possible.”

He added that innovations such as this show that there are “innumerable ways” in which one person’s waste can be made useful to others.

SABMiller recently announced that it would also be improving its recycling infrastructure to help reduce the amount of its packaging that ends up in landfill.

The brewer’s Bavaria subsidiary, in Colombia, has partnered with supermarket chain Carrefour to install 15 recycling centres in several major cities.

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Thursday, December 14, 2:50 pm

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