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Tennents ‘Rewrites History’ In New Promotional Campaign

Almost 20 years after girls last adorned tins of Tennents’ best-selling beer, its so-called Lager Lovelies are back, in a quirky homage to the original branding.

A new campaign by the Scottish brewing firm will see an unusual return to its use of attractive, scantily-clothed models on cans, by putting elegantly-attired chimpanzees in their place.

According to Herald Scotland, the new packaging imagines how company founder Hugh Tennent might have decorated the drink’s cans in 1885, as an eccentric Victorian “with a penchant for pet simians”.

Jane Cannon, marketing manager for Tennents, said: “We couldn’t do the Lager Lovelies today like we did 30 years ago, [but] the Lager Lovelies absolutely have a fond place in the brand. They play a huge part in our history, so this ad fondly pays homage to them.”

The campaign will also include the launch of two new television advertisements, with actor Sam Heughan playing the role of Tennent, who concocted Scotland’s favourite brew in 1885, just five years before his death at the age of 27.

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Saturday, November 25, 7:55 am

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