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Bats Blood appoints UK Distributor

Bats Blood – The Legendary Wine from Transylvania

London, UK — July 12th, 2011 — Bats Blood Merlot is the excitingly delicious creation of Angelika von Klein under the tutelage of her mysterious Master from the historical region of Transylvania. This rich, dark red wine intrigues on its own, but is even more exotic and compelling in its unique miniature black coffin gift packaging!

Appealing especially to consumers with an affinity to the gothic, the romantic, and possibly even the macabre, this wine entices both wine lovers and those new to wine who also have a dark thirst for adventure and fun, an appreciation of evening romance, and an awareness of history and folklore.

Bats Blood makes the ideal gift for followers of the vampire genre, goths, Halloween aficionados, fans of Dracula, Twilight and The Historian, and anyone who relishes horror, steampunk, even Batman tales. On a larger scale, it’s also a terrific gift for a host to share at a dinner party, It is a perfect ice-breaker that is guaranteed to get the conversation and the wine flowing. Bats Blood is the ideal accompaniment to a costume ball and is a must-have at any Halloween party.

Angelika was inspired to launch Bats Blood through her affiliation with the goth community. A goth for decades, she regularly participates in gothic festivals such as the Whitby Goth Festival in the UK and the Leipzig Wave in Germany as well as steampunk festivals in the USA. She and her husband, a distinguished gentleman in the drinks industry who’s acquainted with wine producers in Romania, live in a remote gothic styled home—friends say it is reminiscent of The Addams Family house—that receives bats as frequent visitors. Bats Blood is the almost natural outcome of her love and familiarity with the romantic gothic genre and her husband’s passion for wines and er… spirits.

Angelika’s devotion for the product is contagious. She gushes, “The Master and ourselves are directing one of the most exciting product launches in the wine and spirits category for many years; some people may smile when they first hear the name – but Bats Blood is definitely no joking matter. The wine is magnificent and nothing has been spared in producing packaging that befits the brand and our wonderful customers. From the handmade wooden coffins to the silver block printing on the labels and from the branded corks to the elegant bottles, no pennies have been pinched and no bats or any other animals have been harmed. We are engaging with consumers – possibly like no other wine brand has ever done before. We recently displayed Bats Blood at the London International Wine Fair and the response we got from consumers was quite overwhelming.”

The first run of Bats Blood sold out before an official announcement could be made. Consumers have consistently remarked on both the elegance of the packaging and the high quality of the vintage, which exceeded their expectations. The wine is now being formally launched in a larger but still limited run. It is also available for preorder for Halloween.

Bats Blood is available in stores only as a gift pack. Single bottles are being made available to a selection of leading bars and restaurants.

About Bats Blood:

Plans for Bats Blood distribution began at the turn of the century when Angelika von Klein decided, with the devoted support of her husband and their winery partners, to create a wine that could be elegantly gothic, a little bit edgy but always romantic. Angelika, like the Master, seeks to ensure this wine is memorable due not only to its unusual name and packaging, but also to its unique appeal and exceptional quality.

Bats Blood results from harvesting, fermenting, and bottling Merlot wine grapes using centuries-old traditions in the heart of Transylvania. The bottles are shipped from the vineyards in Romania to Nottingham, UK for packaging that was inspired by Angelika’s acquaintance with a funeral director. True hand craftsmen of Gotham (yes – the original Gotham that became the inspiration behind Batman’s home town) shape, assemble and paint wooden boxes into miniature black coffins. The distinctive gift packs are completed by placing each bottle into a coffin lined with cerise and sealing it with a transparent acrylic lid in order to display the classic Gothic face of the label. Bats Blood is distributed in the UK through 88 Signals Ltd., an early stage brand development company based in London,. Individual orders and orders for special events may be placed online at

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