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Consumers “confused” by Cellared in Canada wine Designation

Consumers “confused” by Cellared in Canada wine Designation

Fewer than one in five Canadian wine drinkers can recognise and correctly understand the term "Cellared in Canada", according to a new poll of wine drinkers in the country. The study, conducted by market research agency Wine Intelligence, also found that the majority - 64% - of Canadian wine drinkers don't even recognise the term "Cellared in Canada" when they see it. Of the 36% of Canadian consumers who are aware of the term, about half correctly state that a wine carrying the Cellared in Canada designation is made from a combination of Canadian and foreign grapes, or from all imported grapes (the definition in British Columbia), which have been blended and bottled in Canada. [...more]

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Thursday, December 14, 8:58 pm

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