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Coke Puts More Hybrids On The Road

Coke Puts More Hybrids On The Road

Coca-Cola Bottling Company is expanding its fleet of hybrid-electric delivery trucks across Canada as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The beverage giant is adding 15 hybrid single-axle tractors to its existing hybrid fleet of 20 side-bay trucks and 2 straight trucks in Canada. Of these 15, five have been deployed in Montreal. The Coke hybrid trucks use about 30 percent less fuel and produce about 30 percent fewer emissions than standard tractors. These first-of-their-kind vehicles are servicing markets in Vancouver, London, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Coca-Cola Enterprises has deployed a total of 327 hybrid delivery vehicles across North America, which were manufactured in Sainte-Therese, Que. [...more]

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Tuesday, January 23, 9:56 pm

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