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Coors Light Launches on-trade Promotion

Coors Light Launches on-trade Promotion

Coors Light is launching an initiative which will allow pubs to introduce the beer brand at a trial price, as well as offering free kegs and staff incentives. "Coors Light Ice Cold Refreshment Plan - Peak Profits", is designed to encourage new drinkers to the brand by driving trial, repeated purchase, and building on loyalty created. During a set period, outlets will be able to introduce Coors Light at a trial price. As part of the promotion, available to independent on trade new stockists, free kegs will be provided, along with trial price POS support, staff incentives and rate of sale drivers. Coors Light UK brand director, Jeremy Gibson said: "Our customers tell us that helping them activate around key main events throughout the year adds value and helps boost their profits around key times. "However they want to drive profits in their outlet everyday to ensure their brands are working hard for them consistently, not just around key events. [...more]

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Thursday, December 14, 7:05 pm

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