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Courvoisier Gets £15m Boost

Courvoisier Gets £15m Boost

Maxxium UK is to invest £15m in Courvoisier cognac during 2010. The idea is to 'revolutionise the category and drive growth through innovative promotional activity and education tools'. Consumer facing activity will include investment in advertising and media promotions to recruit new drinkers into cognac through mixability, with a focus on punch. Initiatives also include 3D training films and Le Nez de Courvoisier, a sensory experience launched last year to help drinkers understand cognac by identifying aromas in each marque of Courvoisier. Maxxium UK's marketing manager for Courvoisier Janice McIntosh said: "Events like last year's Architectural Punchbowl, which saw an entire room filled with punch made from Courvoisier Exclusif, attracted widespread national media attention and encouraged consumers to consider it as an alternative to other premium, mixable spirits. This year we will continue to sample cognac cocktails and punch at selected consumer events and work with bartenders who are increasingly using cognac in cocktails, a trend we expect to see replicated in the off trade in 2010." [...more]

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Tuesday, January 23, 3:41 pm

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