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WHO plans Global Duty Free Liquor Ban

WHO plans Global Duty Free Liquor Ban

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has shocked the duty-free industry by proposing a global ban on duty-free liquor sales, a business which was worth $6.3bn last year. The surprise proposal has been outlined in a strategy paper on possible ways to reduce alcohol consumption, which was published on December 3 last year. The document will now be discussed at a meeting of the WHO Executive Board, an inner group of health ministers from 34 leading countries, in January. If approved, the proposal will then be put to the WHO's full annual General Assembly in May. The 193 governments that make up the General Assembly would then be encouraged to implement the strategy paper as policy. The European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) secretary general Keith Spinks said he had been surprised to read the proposal to tax sales of alcoholic beverage to international travellers as it had not been in earlier drafts of the paper. He said it was highly likely that the Executive Board would accept the proposal. [...more]

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