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KRONIK ENERGY: New Owners – New Plans

KRONIK ENERGY: New Owners – New Plans

In the summer of 2009, creditors put the company that bottles, and distributes the KRONIK ENERGY brand, into foreclosure. By September of that same year, the rights to the brand were acquired by a group of private investors who intend to resurrect the storied label. They were looking for a "turn-around" opportunity and "this seemed like perfect fit," says Ben Gregg, CEO of KroniCo. The new owners come from the personal service industry, and have a unique appreciation for what they call "human capital." "We can't emphasize enough, the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with our customers," Says John Gaston, President of KroniCo. "We intend to apply those same basic principals to the beverage business." It was that same "service based" approach that elevated them to the top of their previous industry. "It is critical to maintain a careful balance between sales, and service" says Gregg, "every time we partner with a new vendor, distributor or retailer, we firmly believe that it is only the beginning of a lasting and mutually prosperous relationship." [...more]

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Sunday, January 21, 4:48 am

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