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Lidl Leads The Way on Champagne Deals

Lidl Leads The Way on Champagne Deals

A Champagne price war looks set to break out pre-Christmas, with Lidl the first supermarket to make a sub-£10 offer. The German discount chain has Comte de Brismand Brut on sale at £9.99, with The Co-op not far behind with Veuve Monnier Brut NV at £12 while Booths has Anais Berry Brut NV on half price at £12.99. Tesco's Francois Dubois Brut NV is half price at £14.50, and Marks & Spencer's popular Oudinot Brut NV is down £5 to £14.99. Not to be outdone, Sainsbury's has both Charles Lafitte Brut NV and Etienne Dumont Brut NV at half price, making them £14.99 and £14 respectively. [...more]

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Thursday, January 18, 5:41 pm

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