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Olmeca Tequila To Launch In UK

Olmeca Tequila To Launch In UK

The drink, which is a combination between Mexican distilling knowledge and British bartending expertise, will be available in both Plata (silver) and Reposado (aged) styles, when it is introduced to the on-trade later this year. "For years we have been looking for a premium tequila that over-delivers on taste, without being priced out of the reach of ever-day consumers, that also offers good value opportunities for the on-trade," said Henry Besant, managing director at the Worldwide Cocktail Club. "Thanks to Olmeca we have had a unique opportunity to go and do what no British barman has ever done before, to travel to Jalisco and work with Jesus and his team to create a brand new tequila. [...more]

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Friday, January 19, 1:29 pm

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