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Vuka Intelligent Energy Drink

Vuka Intelligent Energy Drink

Vuka is Intelligent Energy - 4 specifically formulated flavors and functions filled with vitamins and nutrients to give you energy for the activities that fill your life. All natural, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup. Four flavors that play to your strengths at different times: Awaken Energy to leave sleep behind and start making your day happen. Vuka Awaken is 50% real juice to keep the fresh, familiar taste of orange juice in your wake-up routine. Conquer your day with: Natural Caffeine, Vitamin C, Vitamins A & E, Calcium, Panax Ginseng, White Tea Polyphenols and Zinc Think Energy to replenish mental alertness during the marathon of a busy day. Vuka Think is a lightly carbonated pomegranate and lychee drink focused on improving your memory and concentration. [...more]

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